Rare auld times

Raised on songs and stories, heros of reknown,
The passing tales and glories, that once was Dublin town,
The hallowed halls and houses,the haunting children's cries,
That once was part of Dublin, in the Rare Ould Times.

Ring a Ring a Rosie,
As the lights decline,
I remember Dublin city,
In the rare ould times.

I courted Peggy Diagnam, as bonnie as you please,
A gentle child of Mary, from the rebel liberties,
I lost her to a student chap, with skin as black as coal,
When he took her off to Birmingham, she took away my soul.

So fare thee well my Anna Liffey, no longer can I stay,
And watch the great glass cages, grow up along the quay,
My mind's too full of wandering, to listen to new chimes,
I'm a part of what was Dublin, in the Rare Ould Times.

|G |C G |G |C |
|G |C G |G |D |
|G C |G |G Em |C Am |
|G |C G |D |G |

|G |C G |G |C |
|G |C G |D |G |


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