Brendan Holton
Irishman from County Meath who loves sending the crowd into a frenzy with music and beer. Brendan has a great passion for music and fun. He believes very strongly in the format of the Session where musicians interact and sing with the audience and everyone feels as important as the core players in making the Session happen. A founding member of GreenJam and affectionately known as 'The Boss', Brendan loves to encourage individuals to express their talent. Brendan loves to keep the Irish flavour of the Session with great songs from his homeland >>> more
  Dion Puru
A mover and a shaker. Dion is a dedicated and passionate musician who loves the serendipity of the Session. A founding member of GreenJam, he keeps a keen eye on the chaos and usually has a smile on his face. Somewhat of a mystery man who doesn't miss much >>> more

Gary Lynch
The 'Doc' (Rumour has it he's a doctor of sorts). A man of immaculate rythmn and a dedicated GreenJammer. Gary plays with various sessions all over Sydney.
Ask him about his Bo Diddle
>>> more

  Alex Cronin
The fiddler. A man of many talents. Plays at breakneck speed >>> more

Ron Brenan
'Big Ron' - A true gentleman with a big heart and a big laugh. Makes everyone feel welcome >>> more


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