The Guinness Session
This was a 12 hour Session held at the Welcome Hotel, Rozelle in October 2004. It was a joint effort between the GreenJam and the Merchen crew. We all stopped for a big communal dinner and then got back into the beer and music till well after midnight. There were lots of kids at this Session and one of the highlights was young Liaden singing a mesmerizing version the the Dixie Chicks 'Travelin Soldier'. The whole pub slowed to a whisper to lister to her song and then erupted in deafening applause when she finished. It was a grand thing. It's amazing to see kids so young with such a great feel for rhythm, melody and the spirit of a Session.

Aaron, Samara, Kynan

Randall & Liaden

Killian, Samara, Garry

Brendan & Dion




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