Big Ron

Brings some southern influence to the sessions. Born in the Mallee in North West Country Victoria and then moved to Bendigo in central Victoria spending most of his life in that area. Spent twelve months in South Australia with work before moving to Sydney where he immediately fell in love with the Sydney harbour and Rocks area.

Ancestors come from Kilkenny in Ireland, which along with the women is the reason I have travelled over there twice and also explains my affinity to the Black stuff (best served in the emerald isle). My favourite beer is VB and I'm also very partial to the odd drop of the grape with my preference being Cab Sauginons.

On my last trip to Kilkenny I purchased my first Bodhran and am presently being taught by the master Dr Garry Lynch (slow progress I'm afraid) but I enjoy the Craic and that's what matters. The things I enjoy most about playing with GreenJam is the friendship I have formed with the rest of the guys. We get to enjoy the company of all the people that come to hear us play. A lot of them participate in the session and in the process we have formed many great friendships

My favourite number is 8 (that's how many beers I could drink when I started drinking) and my favourite colour is Blue (still don't know why as that is the colour I was after drinking the beers). I enjoy watching the true Australian Football game Aussie rules and follow Geelong "Cats"
My food tastes are towards hot spicy foods so it is good that I like the odd drink of beer and Guinness. Favourite junk food Chicken Chilli Kebabs.

I enjoy travelling and meeting new people and obviously music. I work for Caltex Australia Petroleum. I am a qualified masseur (not much help to me as it is impossible to massage yourself properly).

So if you can sing, dance or play an instrument (or even if you can't but enjoy having a good time) come up and introduce yourself. Life is about enjoying yourself so join in and have some fun!!

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