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Gary Lynch


'Drums through the ages have always resounded like the heart beat of time'

'I've always had a passion and love of drums, of what they are, what they do, and how they transform and prompt ones innermost emotions'

Gary was thrown into Irish music in Boston, playing with some of the most amazing instrumentalists and a few all-Ireland champion fiddlers. His first exposure was at the 'Village Coachouse' in Brookline Village playing with regulars like Larry Reynold and Clan, and Seamus Connelly.

Gary was a founding member of the session that grew from the 'Brendan Behan' in Jamaica Plain, his local watering hole and considered the #1 Irish pub in Boston. Lots of the Irish pubs in Boston run by ex-Behan bar staff - a veritable breeding ground.

The Behan was a legendary Irish nexus from where a publication called the 'Local' eminated. Gary was involved in a comic strip, based on a jet black bar dog called 'Guinness'.

Little Gary Lynch - SweetThe Behan craic was considered most brillant and many a character could be chanced upon. From the Gypsy passion of Billy Kelly's banjo, to the sweet lilting flute melodies of Jimmy Noonan and Skip. The Reynolds lads with guitar and accordian, the bodhran of Loreen Hurley and the ferocious brilliance of Johnny Cunningham who'd bring people to their feet with a cool slow aire'.

The Doctors Advice

'Music sneaks into one's soul and psyche. As with the Boston sessions the GreenJam family has also evolved since I came to Sydney. I first came into contact with the GreenJam crew at the '3 Weeds' in Rozelle and since that encounter has grown a long list of brilliant friendships, memories, and fantastic times for all those touched by that flame. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent! And so the Session keeps growing and evolving, the guys and gals, the stories, the legends. The Hero and the Session is a colourful corner of what 'is' Sydney - one that, from all accounts lives strongly in the memories of many many young travellers who are now back in their homelands'

Bands Soapbox orchestra, Benny Bagles Wasboard Ensemble, The Dick Decent Show (Adelaide), Rahda (Melbourne), The Clout (Boston), Fred Ate the Sofa

Broadcasts Recorded at ABC, live to air radio perfomances Melbourne-Sydneu, Cable TV performances 'Livewire' Continental-Cable Dedham Ma USA

CD's 'the Bridge to Bondi' Fred Ate the Sofa
'Backyard Barbie' minifred 'Fred Ate the Sofa'

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