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Brendan Holton



The only true blue Irish Man in GreenJam. Brought up in Enfield County Meath Ireland

I come from a Family of 12 children, whom I am very close to and keep regular contact

Consequently I was raised with a feeling of sharing and closeness, this is a part of my philosophy of how I structure and lead the sessions

I have many a fond memory of growing up in Ireland and being exposed to the communal feel and involvement of music and sessions

Brendan in younger daysI first visited Australia aged 20 on a work holiday and bought my first guitar while working in the bush is Western Australia. I tried to carry this guitar all over Asia, but sadly found it did not go hand in hand with backpacking. In the late 70's and early 80's traveling in Asia was quite challenging and unique, and at times dangerous, where you depended on fellow traveler's, journeying in the opposite direction for information and direction, as this was in short supply
Throughout the years of playing in the Hero of waterloo Sydney I have met many backpackers, who I can still relate to with the zest for travel and adventure, and shared many stories from many parts of the world

I returned to Australia in 1986 and converted a bus into a mobile home, and spent 1-yr. traveling Australia. Sydney has become my home, and like many travelers I have met in Sydney, I have been hooked on the beauty, freedom of expression, and its openness of attitude and always being able to find a good pint at any time day or night

I have always had a great passion for music and song and found myself drawn to many a session around Sydney in the early nineties. Most of these pubs were Irish which lent themselves to the informal gathering of musicians and the openness of the circle, to include everyone to create a great night. After some time in pubs such as Kitty O Shea's, Scruffy Murphy's, I moved to the hero of Waterloo and joined a group of Musicians who have gone their different ways. After a year of Two Dion, Distan, and Garry joined the session, which developed into what, is now known as GreenJam

I believe the success of the session has been in making people who come to see GreenJam, feel as important as the Musicians who facilitate it

Let's hear ya!I believe in making a good night a success, is not only the energy and output of the musicians but the openness to include everyone in their expression, of energy and artistic out put

I endeavor to create this culture of involvement. As I always say, 'it is not necessarily about performance but also about participation'

So I invite you all to keep well informed as to where GreenJam are playing or what the Lads are up to

Whether it is the Hero of Waterloo Sydney, A cruise on the harbour or your local. You are warmly invited to come along, bring a song, a poem or what ever your party piece is, and you will be met with a warm welcome

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