GreenJam Poem
by Colm Kinlan

There is a pub called the Hero,
Set deep in the heart of the rocks
Its where you go on a Sunday
If you want to get locked.

Theres beer and wine and spirits
Theres craic and cheer and joy
Theres a bunch of lads in one corner
Ladies and Gents it's the GreenJam boys.

"Good evening and welcome to the session,
Brendan says with a grin
"To not get involved in the music,
You're committing a mortal sin."

Dion starts off the session
With a couple of hearty tunes,
He sings them in quick succession
And then finishes all too soon.

The crowd s now starting to grow
Each with a drink in hand
The musics now starting to flow
As they stand all around this pub band.

In strolls the man they call Distan.
'About time' comes a shout from the crowd.
Whats your name they say "is it Tristan"
Get F**ked he says with head bowed.

Suddenly the crowd are a dancing,
That can only mean one thing.
Bernards brought out the fiddle
And promises later to sing.

Its now the turn of young Distan
As the crowd it grows and grows.
Man sing us some Jack Johnson
As he bursts into Bubbleley Toes

Attention now turns to the Master
The man with the magical hands
Go Faster Go Faster Go Faster
Mr Lynch who drums for the band

Beside him on the Bodhran
Is the man we call Big Ron
He plays from start to end each night
And is no stranger to a song

Now on a Sunday there's lots of great singers
But if you're lucky enough to hear
The man they call Decarlo
Will bring music to your ear

Watch out for him, watch out for Stace,
The two they make a pair
They sing all over Sydney
So make sure that you are there.

Alas the night is over, the night is at an end.
Just one more song to sing along
One message left to send,

A-roo-cha-cha A-roo-cha-cha
The crowd goes wild and then
The song goes on and on and on
And on and on again.

The band packs up and heads outside
The pub closed up for a while
The nights still young and they decide
Its off to the Mercantile.

A year I spent, A year of joy
No better place to be
The only thing that tops this day
Is a trip to Port Fair-y(ee)

You can sing a song,say a poem
Or even do a dance
The great thing about the session is
You'll always get the chance

There is a pub called the hero
Its where the sessions play
I'm back in good ole Ireland
But I will be back some day

Colm Kinlan 25/07/2003

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